Leaked! Kawasaki’s Master Plan For An Insanely Fast Electric Motorcycle

Written By: Vishnu

Kawasaki has solved its cooling issues for an all-electric motorcycle which will have an engine strong enough to power a small truck.

The manufacturer has now come up with an all-new cooling system, which will help Kawasaki tackle the heating woes.


The latest designs from the factory reveal a rather large, two-part cooling system, which is connected to a new electric motor. This will keep the temperature from the electric motor in an optimum range.


The cooling is also provided by an additional ram-air feed which will direct the air quickly over the top of the batteries, keeping the rising temperature under the dummy fuel tank optimum.

The batteries used are incorporated within the motorcycle's chassis to counteract the weight from its huge electric motor.


Even though the patent doesn't reveal much about the power output of the motorcycle, the new technology is expected to generate enough power to be used in a small truck or a large ATV.

Rumors also suggest that Kawasaki might have a hybrid set-up sitting alongside a small petrol-powered engine for more power.

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