Isle Of Man TT To India; First Electric Motorcycle Launching Soon!

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With fast depleting gasoline in the world along with global warming, automobile manufacturers are looking towards the future of motoring. India is not far behind in the electric automobile innovation. Read to find out how Tork Motorcycles are developing India's first electric motorcycle.

The team dedicatedly working on the electric motorcycles for the past decade to provide the best in technology and engineering. They have worked on the electric bike through race-winning machines which they consider it as their laboratory.

Tork Motorcycles have been in the forefront of designing and developing the electric motorcycles by tasting success through the elite racing platforms like Isle Of Man TT and TTX-GP forms of racing.

They started off with their first motorcycle codenamed TX 01, which is their prototype, this took them to winning the iconic Isle Of Man TT. This electric motorcycles touched a top speed of 156 km/h powered by 30Nm of torque and peaking at 40bhp. They used a 7.2KW battery pack to power the race machine.

The second prototype was the TX 02 which achieved a top speed of 214 km/h, this machine was powered by an 11KW battery pack which produced 80bhp and 60Nm of torque. This electric motorcycle went on to race in the TTXGP UK Championship.

Then came the third prototype, the TX 03 built on the GXXR-750 platform achieving 240kmph with 14KW of the battery pack, punching out 80bhp and 70Nm of torque.

The third prototype was built on the Yamaha FZ platform which went from 0-100 in 8.7 sec, this was built on a normal commuting bike so that the electric innovation can be brought to the road. It achieved a top speed of 127 km/h with 4KW battery pack producing 40bho and 30Nm of torque.

The fourth prototype is the TX 05 which ran for 200km in just a single charge and a top speed of 80 km/h, producing 40bhp and 30Nm of torque powering it through 4 KW battery pack.

Presently, Tork Motorcycles has got a boost to its developing with funding from Ola founders Bhavish Agarwal and Ankit Bhati. This will help in building India's first electric motorcycle T6X with current generation features like GPS, Cloud connectivity, Storage and phone charging.

Kapil Shelke, founder of Tork Motorcycles, a mechanical engineer said to ET that "We are building India's first electric motorcycle and are targeting its launch this year. The motorcycle will solve the rider's pain points with several value-added features like GPS, storage, cloud connectivity and phone charging, making it also a first smart motorcycle in India."

Though no technical details are with us, the prototypes give us an impression that it will not be one of those e-bikes, but a road-ready electric motorcycle.

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