Honda’s Combi Brake System With Equalizer On Over 1 Crore Two-Wheelers

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Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India is the largest manufacturer and seller of two-wheelers in the country. They have now managed to sell over one crore unit of models featuring Combi Brake System (CBS) with Equalizer. In India, Honda introduced the CBS with Equalizer back in 2009.

Currently, five Honda scooters feature this technology, it is available in Activa i, Activa 3G, Dio, Aviator, and Activa 125. Honda offers the CBS with Equalizer in motorcycles as well like the CB Shine, CB Shine SP, CB Unicorn 160, and the CB Hornet 160R.

It is extremely easy to notice whether a Honda motorcycle or scooter is equipped with CBS or not. The front fender will prominently display a Combi Brake sticker on Honda machines.

Most efficient and effective method of braking is to use front and rear brakes simultaneously. Unfortunately, it is not easy to apply both brakes in sudden situations. Honda's CBS with Equalizer applies both brakes and equalizes brake force between front and rear wheels.

Combi Brake System with Equalizer reduces braking distance compared to the conventional braking system. Honda engineers believe that their system also improves braking stability. This system has been available on Honda machines for the last 30 years in international markets.

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