Hero Electric Updates Scooter Range With New Battery Technology

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Hero Electric has decided to provide an update to its non-polluting scooters. For 2016, Hero Electric scooter receives lithium ion batteries. These new batteries have been specifically designed to cope with tough conditions presented across the country.

The electric scooter range from Hero also gets an all-new charger. Hero Electric claims that the new charger can be used conveniently indoors as well as in outdoor application. All these new technologies have been developed to cope with the challenges in our country.

Present at the introduction of the 2016 Hero Electric scooter range were several individuals. Naveen Munjal, Managing Director, Hero Eco was present at the Delhi launch. He was accompanied by Sohinder Gill, CEO, Global Hero Eco and Satyender Jain, Minister of Health and Industry.

Lithium ion technology was developed with the support of Delhi Government. Hero Electric has also used its own extensive research team for the perfect solution. Electric vehicles are the need of the hour as pollution levels are on a constant rise in the country.

During the recent odd/even vehicle rule in Delhi, Hero Electric embarked on a monumental campaign. Hero Electric had summoned several of its electric scooters at various junctions to help transport individuals. Electric vehicles were exempted from odd/even rule and Hero used the occasion to promote its products.

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