Mahindra & Mahindra To Revive Luna Legacy

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Mahindra is currently exploring the two-wheeler market. They have launched a few of their products in the Indian market. Their products have received mixed reactions from the end user. Now the Indian manufacturer plans on reviving a moped called the Luna.

The Luna brand of Moped was owned by Kinetic Motor Company Limited. They currently do not exist in the country, and prior to their exit from the auto industry, they sold the brand to Mahindra Two Wheeler Limited. Now Mahindra has registered the Luna brand once again in India.

It is unclear if the Indian manufacturer will re-launch the Luna moped or introduce an all-new two-wheeler with this name. The Luna was a popular moped in rural areas and currently only TVS offers its XL moped in that category.

The Luna moped is a very basic two-wheeler with transportation and convenience given utmost priority. There are several customers in the rural sectors that stick by the Luna brand and would love to see the moped running once again.

Previously the Luna sported a 50cc single cylinder air-cooled engine. Mahindra is currently developing a number of two-wheeler for India and export markets. It is most likely that Mahindra if they launch this moped, it will provide a 70cc engine. The TVS XL also sports a 70cc engine and the Luna would directly compete against it.

Mahindra has recently launched its Gusto scooter as a global product. They plan to introduce several other motorcycles in India to capture the market. One of their most anticipated products is their Mojo motorcycle, which has been spied several times, however, the manufacturer has delayed the launch on several occasions for various reasons.

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