Ducati Borrows Technology From Volkswagen

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The Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati is unveiling its "DVT" technology or Desmodromic Variable Timing, which is borrowed from the German car maker, Volkswagen.

Ducati has made the first ever motorcycle engine with a variable valve timing for the intake and the exhaust camshafts.

Named now as the "Ducati Testastretta DVT" engine, which will debut in the Multi Strada in 2015, Ducati's new v-twin heart can change the intake and exhaust timing independently, and throughout the rev band.

This means that the DVT engine can be very effective for peak power at high rpm, while still being able to maintain smoothness at lower rev range keeping the emission and noise regulations controlled throughout the rev band.

A valve timing adjuster which is fitted to the end of each camshaft, changes the overlap angle on the fly, depending on the conditions, and throttle limit.

Ducati say that the "DVT system consists of an external housing, rigidly connected to the cam belt pulley, and an internal mechanism which is connected to the camshaft and can independently rotate inside the housing."

"This rotation of the internal mechanism, either in advance or in delay with respect to the housing, is precisely controlled by varying the oil pressure in special chambers of the mechanism. The oil pressure is adjusted by dedicated valves and the timing of each cam is dynamically controlled by a sensor located in the cam covers."

Other changes are the fuel injectors will spray directly to the rear of the hot intake valve, instead of the colder surface.

All this out together, the 1,198cc v-twin now produces 160 hp and 100 lbs ft of torque, while reducing fuel consumption by up to 8 percent.

Story first published: Friday, October 17, 2014, 14:04 [IST]
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