Ducati Scrambler Voted As Most Beautiful Bike At EICMA 2014

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The newest Scrambler made by Ducati was awarded the "Most Beautiful Bike" at EICMA 2014. This decision was made by more than 43 percent of fans who took part in the competition organised by an Italian magazine called ‘Motociclismo' every year.

The result came from a survey that was conducted, fans were either handed out a form directly or had an option to vote on the website.

This Scrambler was the most popular choice among the fans who were at the show and over the internet. The Ducati Scrambler won with three times the vote of the second place winner, which received only 15 percent.

The prize for the final vote was the grand finale, after seven days of manufacturers exhibiting their latest offers in the two-wheeler world.

The EICMA, had an increase of 25 percent more visitors this year, compared to a year ago.

The Ducati Scrambler, is aimed at giving the rider a true sense of freedom, rather than just being another motorcycle creation.

The Ducati Scrambler, which is due to go on sale in late January 2015, is powered by an air-cooled twin-cylinder engine, that produces 75 bhp. The Scrambler has height adjustable seats and a wide handlebar, that allow the rider to choose the best riding position for a comfortable ride.

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