World’s First Armless Racing Driver — You Can Do It! [Video]

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After a horrific accident nine years ago, Bartek Ostalowski was left armless which had to be amputated. He wanted to give up everything in life till he wanted to become a racing driver.

Bartek, now 29, set out learning to race with his feet, after three tough and long years, he became the world's first armless racing driver to get the full international racing license.

Currently, as a racing driver, Bartek has competed in the European Championship of Rally Cross and the Cup of Poland.

Bartek topped his class in the Cup of Poland, having exceeded his expectations, he has shifted gears and entered the world of drifting.

Drifting requires rapid gear shifts and repetitive handbrake use to slide around the track and presents an enormous challenge for the pole.

Bartek has his own racing team called Bart Racing to help make necessary changes to his Nissan Skyline and allow him to compete in the drifting tracks.

He has upgraded the Nissan Skyline with a new engine, stronger transmission, and an independent gearbox. Bartek continues to have the steering wheel which he controls with just one foot.

Bartek had entered the 2014 Drift Open King of Europe and after a considerable success, he is aiming to change the sports forever.

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