Video: Car Rolls Off Ferry And Sinks Into The Ocean With A Lot Of Valuables

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2017 has started off on a beautiful note in deed, although 2016 had a few notes out of tune. One such incident is when a car, a SUV to be specific rolled off a ferry and sank into the ocean.

The incident took place off shore, Fraser Island, Australia, when tourists were travelling there to celebrate New Year's eve. The tourists had their phones, passports, and other valuables locked in the vehicle that sank.

The video was captured by passengers aboard the ferry, and the vehicle that sank is reportedly a rented SUV. Watch the video below as the vehicle rolls off, plunges into the water, floats for a little before it sinks.

Luckily, there were no occupants in the vehicle. Sure hope 2017 brings these tourists better luck.

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