The New US Marines Amphibious Assault Vehicle Is A 700bhp 8x8 Monster

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The United States Marines are some of the toughest guys on the planet. Once they have someone in their sites, well that someone usually get captured or Killed In Action (KIA). Now these tough guys can operate almost anywhere and when they want to storm the beaches, they use amphibious assault vehicles.

It would seem their old ones were getting a bit worn in the tooth. So the hardy marines have handed contracts to BAE Systems and SAIC to develop 13 prototypes of their new amphibious assault vehicle. The first two pictures are the BAE Systems Unit while the other two are from SAIC. 

The BAE Systems unit is an eight wheeled unit with 700bhp on tap for the marines to smash though whatever they want. 13 marines, their gear and three crew members can easily fit in almost impregnable safety. Details about the SAIC unit are still scarce but it can hold 11 marines with their gears.

DriveSpark thinks that the baddies should probably start preparing for a permanent vacation. These two monsters really look like they can go through anything. 

bae acv 1.1 8x8 monster
bae-acv-1.1 on the move
sae-acv-1.1 water to land launch
sae acv1.1 rear door
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