Arnold Schwarzenegger's Favourite Car – The Hummer – Destroyed By U.S. Army

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Humvees are tough military off-roaders that can practically go over anything and survive the tough war zone conditions. Destroying one would take a lot of effort, but the US Army seems to have found an easy way by just throwing them off the planes.

During an airdrop training exercise, a few C-130 Hercules cargo planes were airdropping Humvees, as part of the US Army training exercise. While it looked interesting, what followed was a nightmare, at least for the people who had to do the explaining.

Three Humvees dropped from three different planes came crashing to the ground, as something went horribly wrong with their chutes and they crashed hard to the ground. The good news is that nobody was hurt, while the bad news is that somebody has a lot of explaining to do.

The incident occurred during an annual exercise conducted by the US Army and the event was attended by 15 different European Nations.

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