Daredevil Travis Pastrana Pulls Off World's First Barge-To-Barge Backflip Over The River Thames

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Travis Pastrana is a daredevil bar none. When the american stunt performer is not busy driving around in various motorsports events, he can usually be found with other professional madcap personalities like himself performing stunts for his Nitro Circus live shows.

Pastrana is the first person to pull off the double backflip at the X Games has now added yet another crazy feather to his cap of insane stunts. Pastrana recently backflipped a motorcycle between two barges parked on the river Thames in London, England.

travis pastrana barge-to-barge backflip

The ramps on the barges wallowing in the Thames stood 75 feet apart and Pastrana had only 150 feet to get up to speed to take the jump and 36 feet to bring himself and the bike to a halt. Thankfully for himself and the people watching, Pastrana nailed his stunt perfectly.

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Travis Pastrana has proved to the world once again that he is one of the craziest people, if not the craziest of them all when it comes to pulling off stunts on two wheels. We salute you, Mr Pastrana and do hope you come to India and enthral us with your antics.

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