China Builds World's First Transit Elevated Bus — Photos & Video

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For years, China has been struggling with its traffic congestion. To date, the concepts to tackle these issues existed only as computer renders and animations. But today, China has actually built a real-life elevated bus.

transit elevated bus in china

The first working version of the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) isn't quite ready for the Chinese traffic yet. For testing purposes, the bus will be doing its trial runs on a 300-meter long test track, with limited turns and traffic .

transit elevated bus in china

This is the first step towards something like this going into full service one day. If the bus tackles the challenges, it could one day carry up to 1,200 passengers at 40 miles per hour.

transit elevated bus in china

Completing this project is going to be very hard, for sure. But once the network of TEBs are fully functional, it could help ease the traffic congestion in the country drastically.

Watch the video below watch the elevated bus in action.

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