Thinking Twice To Buy A Toyota Fortuner? This Little Video Compilation Could Help

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The Toyota Fortuner has played a key role in India, redefining what an SUV can offer and how butch it can look. From a standard all time four-wheel-drive to a two-wheel-drive versions, the SUV has been a hit amongst enthusiasts and politicians.

While the Fortuner is mostly used by city dwellers on the tarmac, a few stretched the SUV's muscles to make it do extraordinary things, or rather what is was intended to do. Here's a little video compilation of the Fortuner proving it 4X4 capabilities.

School vs Cool

Here's a video of a Fortuner rescuing a school bus stuck in a ditch on the side of the road. A bit of rope in between and after smoking some rubber (tyres) later, the bus is out. The Fortuner has saved the day!

Muscle vs Dead Weight

This video is a classic rescue mission — a Toyota Fortuner towing a truck stuck in a ditch and did it with relative ease. The truck that outweighs a Fortuner seems to be rescued with ease in spite of less traction (mud), and the SUV pulls the truck right out the gate.

Rescuing the rescuer

Usually, when SUVs or cars need rescuing, tractors are the best choice as they have good torque and massive tyres that are specifically designed to offer traction on multiple surfaces. But what happens when a tractor itself is stuck? Enter Fortuner.

Claiming grounds globally

Not only in India but even globally, Toyota Fortuners have flexed their muscles to help the needy. Here's a video of a Fortuner toying around with a truck that has gone off the road. Not sure about the location, but the action is to rescue the truck, and the Fortuner does rightly so.

Quit yachting around!

Finally, it comes down to land vs sea in God's own country, Kerala. Here's a video of a Fortuner fishing out a boat on the beach with limited traction. The SUV's wheels are spinning out of traction, but manages to pull a boat, and do make note; the boat is not on rails or wheels, which makes it extremely heavy and difficult.

Thinking Twice To Buy A Toyota Fortuner? This Little Video Compilation Could Help

DriveSpark Thinks!

The videos above show the capabilities of a Toyota Fortuner that are seldom put to use by many. The Fortuner is a capable off-roader, evident by our review too. So if you were thinking of your next vehicle, hope your choice is made.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 2, 2017, 19:20 [IST]

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