Top 10 Big Displacement Motorcycles

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Motorcycles come in many forms. They are equipped with engines that can make long journeys look like a little ride. Motorcycles have been designed to take on the long highways with ease and offer riders a tireless, yet fun-filled adventures.

In our list, we show you that when a biker says size does matter, he really means business. We take a look at ten of the biggest displacement motorcycles that manufacturers have to offer.

Top 10 Big Displacement Motorcycles

When it comes to performance figures on these big displacement tourers, the torque delivered is what matters more than the horsepower. These motorcycles have enough torque delivered to their rear wheels to move the earth under them. These are production motorcycles and engines are made specifically for them. One-off bikes, custom motorcycles and two-wheelers powered by car engines are excluded.

Top 10 Big Displacement Motorcycles

10. Triumph Thunderbird Storm

At number 10 in our list is the Triumph Thunderbird Storm with its 1699 cc engine. This is the only motorcycle on the list with a parallel-twin engine instead of a traditional V-twin. The 1699 cc motor produces 98 PS of power and 156 Nm of torque.

Top 10 Big Displacement Motorcycles

9. Victory Freedom V-Twin: (Hammer 8-Ball)

At number nine is the Victory Freedom that has an engine displacement of 1731 cc. These motorcycles offer the rider the ease of riding endless kilometres after kilometres. The V-twin engine produces 97 horsepower and 153 Nm of torque.

Top 10 Big Displacement Motorcycles

8. Suzuki M1800/C1800

Number eight is the Suzuki M1800/C1800. This motorcycle is equipped with a massive 1,783 cc engine that will make several Indian cars look like toys. The V-twin motor produces 125 Ps at the rear wheel and 160 Nm of torque.

Top 10 Big Displacement Motorcycles

7. Honda VTX1800

Number seven is the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, Honda with the VTX1800. This motorcycle, when introduced, had the largest displacement engine for a motorcycle—1795 cc. This V-twin engine could produce 89 horsepower and 134 Nm of torque at its rear wheels.

Top 10 Big Displacement Motorcycles

6. Harley-Davidson

At number six is the American manufacturer Harley-Davidson with the Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO). These motorcycles are equipped with an 1801 cc engine, that can produce 156 Nm of Torque. These motorcycles are a family of models created by Harley-Davidson for the factory custom market.

Top 10 Big Displacement Motorcycles

5. Indian Chief

Number five is the Indian Chief. The Chief has amassive power plant that displaces 1811 cc and produces 100 bhp and 139 Nm of torque. Originally based out of USA, the company went bankrupt in 1953. The company is now owned by Polaris Industries.

Top 10 Big Displacement Motorcycles

4. Honda Goldwing

At number four is another Japanese manufacturer, Honda. This time with a six-cylinder mansion on two wheels. The Honda Goldwing offers everything a car offers on two wheels. Powering the motorcycle is a 1,832 cc six-cylinder engine that puts out figures like 118 horsepower and 167 Nm of torque. The motorcycle also comes with an airbag.

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Top 10 Big Displacement Motorcycles

3. Yamaha VX 1900

At number three is another Japanese manufacturer, Yamaha, who launched the VX1900 to take on the large displacement motorcycles. The motorcycle had a very large displacement of 1,854cc but produced only 89 horsepower. The motorcycle was however designed to give an enormous torque of 155 Nm in the 90 to 120 km/h range.

Top 10 Big Displacement Motorcycles

2. Kawasaki VN 2000

At the second spot in our list is another Japanese manufacturer, this time it's Kawasaki. This massive 2053 cc engine of the VN2000 clearly had the biggest pistons till it was beat by the number one contender in the list. The engine produced 103 bhp and massive 177 Nm of torque.

Top 10 Big Displacement Motorcycles

1. Triumph Rocket III

At number one in our list and the motorcycle with the biggest displacement is the Triumph Rocket III. Powering this motorcycle is an in-line three-cylinder, 2294cc engine that delivers a massive 146 bhp and an earth shattering 220 Nm of torque. Triumph calls it "the ultimate muscle streetfighter". Spot on.

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