This V8 Engine Is The Craziest Thing You Will See

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When we say V8 engine, all petrolheads know how it works. A V8 internal combustion engine, works on four pistons on each side, performing four strokes, intake, compression, power, and exhaust. Each piston will be connected by a rod to crankshaft. It's like a holy prayer!

But here is a out of the world concept, developed by German engineer, Dieter Hartmann-Wirthwein. There is not much of a change from the normal engine, but it has only two connecting rods, from eight pistons going down to the crankshaft

Pistons are interconnected, and the movement aggregated in two points, which drives the crankshaft. This engine is not functional yet.

The idea is to test this concept in a 125cc 4-cylinder Honda engine. Then to use a two cylinder Ducati crankcase, to create a 868cc V8 engine. Even though the idea seems interesting, but until it's put to work, we cannot say whether it's successful or not.

There is nothing wrong with the idea, but every modification doesn't work. May be in future, this concept will be taken as a base for some other modification.

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