Looking To Modify Your Swift? Here’s An Idea!

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The Maruti Suzuki Swift enthralled one and all with its unique design, it is still sought after hatchback car in India. A complete twist to the modification of the Swift left us stunning, browse through the images.

We have witnessed modification of the Maruti Swift in various designs and each has left an impression or probably questioned the details of the modification.

This stunning modification of the Maruti Swift was rendered by the expert Theophilus Chin, the cabriolet modification of the Swift looks stunning with the open top and he is calling it 'Pulling the lid off the Suzuki Swift's Top'. He has really pulled it off and must say the design seems to bring some excitement to the Swift which has been a decade old in India.

From the first look of the Swift modified cabriolet, this artist has based it on the European spec Suzuki Swift Sport which comes in a two-door format. Skid plates are seen on the rear bumper to give the Swift a sportier feel.

With a large front grille and the projector lamps, the Swift feels luxurious, the Mini Cooper convertible canvas soft top and the seats which make the Swift Convertible more promising for a modification.

The modified Swift does not have much of the changes when it comes to the exterior modification, except for the obvious convertible look of the hatchback.

Let us know your take on the Suzuki Swift Convertible, would you modify one like this? Do you think Maruti should have a model in this design? What do you think the price tag should be?


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