Skills Of A Ninja Required To Perform Wheelie On A Harley

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Ninjas were always known to be precise, aerobatic and agile in their movement. They went through years of training to develop their skills and be the best among others.

It is the very same with motorcycle stunting, no one can just get up and start. They need years of practice and dedication to perform basic stunts like a wheelie or a rolling stoppie.

Performing wheelies is difficult on cruiser motorcycles due to their bulky frames and several other factors. In our video of the day we have a stunter performing a twelve o'clock wheelie with a Harley-Davidson.

There is nothing special about the stunt, it gets interesting once he loses control and is about to fall off. You need to see this stunter's 'Ninja' skill that he uses to land on his feet and not on his face.

Video Of The Day: Ninja Skills Needed To Perform Wheelies On Harley!

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