Riversimple Rasa Hydrogen Cell Car To Debut At London Show

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Future of mobility depends on innovative vehicles and several manufacturers are showcasing their concept models. Manufacturers and innovators are working with various technologies that will power future vehicles. Electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cell are the top choices at this point.

Now Riversimple from the United Kingdom will be showcasing their Rasa model. An innovative Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered two-seater vehicle will be unveiled at the 2016 London Motor Show. The new vehicle will be on display from May 5 to 8, 2016, at the Evolution Centre.

The Rasa will be powered by four electric motors one for each wheel. A low-powered hydrogen fuel cell system will produce 8.5kW and will have a range of 300 miles on a full tank. Emission from the tailpipe will be zero, owing to Riversimple's innovative technologies.

Several developed countries are taking a step into the future and gearing up for electric as well as Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered vehicles. Several other manufacturers are also expected to showcase their hybrid and future vehicles for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

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