Rinspeed Hybrid Sportscar With Drone To Debut At 2016 CES

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Rinspeed Hybrid Sportscar with its very own drone set to debut at 2016 CES. This concept vehicle will be showcased in January 2016 at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Several manufacturers are coming up with their very own autonomous vehicles. Rinspeed has decided to make their hybrid sportscar smarter and adaptable to real life situations.

The concept hybrid sportscar from Rinspeed will get it's very own drone like craft. This will track traffic and road conditions up ahead and alter the vehicle's dynamics and other aspects for the best driving experience.

We hope all of our readers have at some point watched cartoons like Speed Racer and his ‘Mach 5' machine. Remember how at a click of a button a robotic eagle would go up in the air to scan conditions the Rinspeed promises to make this feature a reality.

Currently, the world is skeptical about autonomous vehicles as there is a high possibility of vehicle hacking. Rinspeed to will have to tackle this issue, what if the drone and vehicle lose contact how would the hybrid sportscar react to such situations.

Rinspeed also confirmed that when their vehicle is put into autopilot mode. The steering wheel will go into the dashboard so that there is enough room for the driver and he will have to trust the system completely.

The drone will be connected to Rinspeed's concept hybrid sportscar. It will have a dedicated spot for landing on the vehicle's rear denoted by the letter ‘H' in the image. They also claim their drone will be capable of delivering and picking up parcels.

It is still in the concept phase and we are sure Rinspeed's concept hybrid sportscar won't be available to the general audience any time soon. On the other hand, it is an amazing thought and we are awaiting the debut and product demonstration.

rinspeed hybrid sportscar drone
rinspeed hybrid sportscar drone sketch
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Story first published: Monday, October 12, 2015, 10:11 [IST]
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