Paul Walker’s Famous Acid Orange Supra From Fast & Furious Put Up For Auction

Brian O'Conner's Toyota Supra is up for auction. Yes, you heard that right, the Toyota Supra that was previously driven by Paul Walker in the first edition of the Fast and Furious franchise can be yours, if you can afford it.

We expect this particular Acid Orange Toyota Supra to hit an exorbitant price tag as it is not only the world's most famous Toyota Supra but it is also considered as the face of Japanese imports in the American market.

One of the reasons for it to attract so much attention is actually associated with a tragic incident. The incident involved the death of Paul Walker and it is still mourned by many actors and automotive enthusiasts alike.

Paul Walker had used different cars in each instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise, like Subaru Imprezas and Nissan GT-Rs. However, it was this Supra from The Fast And The Furious movie (2001) that is most associated with the character (Brian O'Conner).

The Supra in question is powered by a 3.0-litre Inline-6 engine and comes mated to a stock automatic gearbox. If you remember Paul Walker using a manual gear shifter in the movie, you are not wrong. In the movie, Paul Walker is seen shifting the gears and it is because of clever trickery aimed to disguise the automatic shifter for a short-throw manual gearbox in order to appeal to the enthusiasts.

The auction is scheduled to take place in mid-June in Las Vegas, USA, and the entire auction is handled by Barret-Jackson Auction Company. Considering the celebrity status, Barret-Jackson Auction Company has this particular car placed in 'no reserve price' criteria.

Besides this Toyota Supra, there are few other vehicles that join this auction, like the McLaren P1 owned by Deadmau5, Bill Goldberg's WCC El Diablo Custom Chopper among a few more.

Thoughts On Paul Walker's Toyota Supra Being Auctioned

It will not be surprising to see huge bids to acquire this particular Toyota Supra driven by Paul Walker. As a car, this Toyota Supra won't be close to what it is valued at currently and people who buy this are not actually putting their money on the machine. The money goes to the way this Supra captured the soul and aura of the entire Fast & Furious franchise.

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Article Published On: Thursday, May 27, 2021, 17:41 [IST]
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