Optare Working To Double EV Range To 200 Miles

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Bus manufacturer Optare is working on a project to increase the range of MetroCity and Solo electric vehicles to 320 Kms. The bus manufacturer has announced that the buses will have the same space, yet increased range.

Optare is currently focused on managing the on-bus heating, which can make a huge difference in the energy consumption of its EV's. The introduction of better insulation and pre-heating the bus during overnight charging is expected to favor the manufacturer.

The phase two plan will be developed by joining hands with its parent company, Ashok Leyland. On the second phase, Optare will be working on the development of high-performance motors and gearbox.

According to Optare, Keeping the life costs low is a big challenge. " We could fit very high-performance batteries, but they would significantly increase the price of the bus. It's a balancing act between weight and passenger capacity," says Engineering Director Alastair Munro.

Munro also confirmed that Optare's electric double-decker, the MetroDecker is expected to debut towards the end of 2016.

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