Nissan Unveils JukeCam, A 360-Degree Action Sports With Dashboard Integration

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    Nissan has unveiled an innovation dedicated to the adventure junkies. It is called 'JukeCam' and is a 360° multifunctional dashboard integrated camera.

    Nissan has joined with 360-degree camera manufacturer 360fly to create the world's first dual-purpose dashcam and action sports camera.


    JukeCam is a 360-degree 4K camera which neatly fits into an integrated mount on the Nissan Juke's dashboard. The fully integrated JukeCam is capable of recording three hours' footage when in 'always-on' mode.


    Nissan's new model Juke Envy played a starring role in the video of Xpogo's Guinness World Record breaking attempt. Stunt performer Dalton Smith jumped over three Nissan Jukes in a row with just one bounce between them, setting a new Guinness World Records title, and the Nissan JukeCam was used to film the world record.


    The JukeCam is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof till around 10 metres and can record up to two hours on battery power alone. JukeCam is compatible with VR tech and can function as a handy cam while snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking and even pogo.

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    Over the last few years, the popularity of dashboard cameras has grown exponentially. Nissan is always seeking to create new features for its customers. The Juke cam will be one such new experience for its clients.

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