Mercedes-Benz Super Luxurious $1.7 Million Yacht Is Finally Here – In Pics

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Mercedes-Benz invokes a sense of luxury among the car manufacturers, but have we heard of a motor yacht from the luxury car maker?

Well, Mercedes-Benz's first luxury motor-yacht; the Arrow 460 Granturismo Edition 1 has been spotted on the water and it does look super luxurious and costs a whopping $1.7 million.

Nicknamed the 'Silver Arrow of the Seas', it measures 46 feet long and the boat from Mercedes-Benz appears to look like a cross between a sleek saloon car and a yacht, as of now only 10 of them are produced.

Only one of the lucky from each country will get to own it, from the first look of the Mercedes-Benz it very personifies a sleek saloon car which is floating in the water.

The specifications of the Mercedes-Benz motor boat which are powered by two Yanmar diesel engines with a massive 480bhp from each of the engines and it cruises at a speed of 30 knots or 55 km/h.

Inside the luxury yacht, the interiors are of Nubuck leather, eucalyptus wood panelling, ice machine, windows that tint upon sunlight, and a wine cellar and it can carry up to ten people.

The luxury yacht has been in development in collaboration with Silver Arrow Marine, which is a UK-based boat building company. The motor yacht was supposed to be showcased or unveiled at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show, however, sea trials have put off the unveil.

Speaking to Luxurious Magazine, Ron Gibbs, Silver Arrows Marine Chairman said: 'By ensuring that the yachts all go to different countries we can guarantee that just one individual in each country will be able to say: "I am the first captain of the first Silver Arrow of the seas".
'We are already in discussions with potential owners and reservations are now being taken on a first­-come, first­-served basis.'

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