Mahindra's Luxurious 'Made In India' Odyssea 55-Foot Yacht Revealed

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The Executive Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, earlier today (December 12) took to twitter to reveal images of a brand new yacht from the Indian multinational conglomerate.

Mahindra Odyssea Reveals New 55-Foot Yacht

The images reveal a brand new 55-foot yacht from Odyssea, Mahindra's boat division. Odyssea, already has three models available for recreational purposes in three different sizes: 22-feet (MO 22), 33-feet (MO 33) and 35-feet (MO 35).

Mahindra Odyssea Reveals New 55-Foot Yacht

The 22 and 33-feet long fibreglass powerboats were unveiled by Mahindra at the Mumbai International Boat Show (MIBS) in 2009 and are capable of hitting top speeds of 42 knots (77.78km/h) and 40 knots respectively.

Mahindra Odyssea Reveals New 55-Foot Yacht

The larger 35-foot boat features a Deep 'V' trihedral hull and is powered by a 311bhp Yanmar diesel engine and is capable of hitting a top speed of 30 knots (55.5km/h).

The MO 35 is also capable of hosting up to 12 guests who can sit down on its deck and has a 600-litre fuel tank for long journeys across the seas.

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