New World Record: Watch MagLev Sled Break 1,000 Km/h Speed

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The US Air Force achieved a significant milestone of achieving the world record for the fastest magnetically levitated (MagLev) sled. Read on and watch to find out the speed and specs of the MagLev sled.

MagLev Sled Attains 1,018 Kmph Top Speed Record

At the Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, something big and spectacular event was conducted on the MagLev (Magnetically Levitated) sled, which attained 1,018 km/h on a track which was just 600 metres.

In the earlier attempt, the same team achieved 821 km/h back in 2013, now they pride themselves in breaking their own record.

In the video, a 907 kg sled travelled at a mind-boggling speed of 1,018 km/h using the MagLev system. The MagLev system is where magnets are used to lift the sled and the rocket fires it ahead.

The team has been working on this test for the last six months and are looking to break this record as well by trying to lighten the weight of the sled.

The Commander of 846th test squadron, Lt. Col. Shawn Morgenstern said that they used cold liquid helium to levitate the sled with a superconducting magnet.

In 2013, when they first hit a top speed of 821 km/h, they decided to push even further and achieved 826 km/h two weeks ago.

In India, the MagLev trains were supposed to run between Mumbai-Delhi, Mumbai-Nagpur, and even Chennai-Bangalore-Mysore, however, the project was never taken off. Some of these trains which are operational around the world hit 600 km/h, one being 603 km/h in Japan.

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