Cops Reject Tesla Model S Pursuit Car Despite Ludicrous Mode

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The Tesla Model S is the favourite of all the tree hugging folk for its non-polluting ways. It's also the dream toy of geeks and speed demons thanks to its self-driving features and its Ludicrous Mode launch control.

However, while this might be all brilliant, all of the autonomous features are currently still in Beta Testing Mode and humans are needed to monitor the Model S so that it does not misbehave.

Unfortunately for Jared Overton, from the state of Utah in the United States, a summoning of his loaner Model S (at least that's what Tesla claims happened) sent it straight into the back of a trailer.

Overton claims that he didn't use the Summon function, but Tesla has refuted his claims and has stated that Overton could easily have stopped the summons if he had been overseeing it as Tesla expects owners to do.

He should have remembered that the Model S requires a Supernanny.

Next time you see a high speed chase involving the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) don't expect to see a Tesla Model S leading the chase after the crim, at least not for some time.

The LAPD doesn't have anything against the car as they used two loaner Tesla Model S P85D's for a year to assess the vehicle's performance in the "high-pursuit-rated vehicle arena". After all who could say no to a car with a launch modes known as 'Ludicrous Mode' and 'Insane Mode.'

The issue the LAPD faces is that running around in a Tesla Model S in present day conditions is not practical due to the fear of being unable to use them in case of a massive power outage as well as the massive price tag of $100,000 (Rs. 66.58 lakhs)

However, the LAPD is not yet ready to give up on electric cars and could add electric vehicles to its fleet in the future when the infrastructure in the city gets improved to allow electric cars to run better.

Who knows, we may just see an autonomous Tesla chasing down some street racers down midtown LA a few years from now.


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