How A High School Dropout Became The World's Best Classic Ferrari Dealer

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A British High School dropout has made it to the rich list by selling more than £1 BILLION worth of desirable cars.


John Collins, originally from Glasgow still remembers his teenage days when his teachers told him that he was going to end up homeless.

When John was 15, he took a job as a tea boy in Glasgow. Today, any car that John sells through Talacrest costs an average of £2 million.

John learnt shorthand reporting and practiced photography before working all around the world.

At the age of 25, he had earned £11,000 and spent £7,000 on a Ferrari 246 Dino, his first Ferrari.

In Beirut, John lost almost all his investment in a disastrous stock market plummet. The photojournalist had to sell his latest Ferrari to cover the loss.

John asked his friends at the pub to loan him £300,000 and to put a deposit down on ten Ferrari's of net worth £3 million.

The risk paid off John, as he sold the Ferrari's six months later for a £500,000 profit. This made John pack his camera and become a successful dealer selling £12 million worth Ferrari's in his first year in business.

In 2008, after surviving the injuries from his accident while playing Polo, he re-launched his classic car dealership, bringing the company back to number one classic Ferrari dealership in the world.

John Collins is now richer than most of his wealthy clients around the globe.

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