Jeep Compass Crashes In Bangalore | Shows Good Build Quality And Safety Features

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Just shy of a month since the Jeep Compass' launch, the SUV is in the news again. Not that the Compass ever stopped trending, but just that, it is trending big time, again. This time though, because of a crash.

A video and a few pictures of a damaged Exotica Red-coloured Jeep compass, in the Limited (O) trim have surfaced on the internet, and are doing the rounds on various social media platforms. Minute details on the crash are not available at the moment, but signs of high-speed understeer are very evident.

Jeep Compass First Crash In India

The SUV was brand new as is made obvious by the temporary registration number pasted in the windscreen. It is unknown whether the new owner or personnel from the dealership was driving the car, but what is known is that, this particular Compass was being driven flat out, or close to it, and then the driver made the mistake of turning the steering wheel at that high speed.

Jeep Compass First Crash In India

A close look at the video reveals the curve on the road, behind the crashed Compass, and given that the SUV's front wheels were turned left, it is safe to assume that the driver was indeed attempting to turn left. The approximate speed of the Jeep can be ascertained by the very fact that it crashed in the first place.

The Jeep Compass is equipped with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake Force distribution) and even ESP (Electronic Stability Program) as standard, across all variants. What that basically means is that, the SUV can be controlled to a great extent, with all these safety aids assisting the driver to bring it under control.

Jeep Compass First Crash In India

Now what this what leads us to confer that, the Jeep Compass which crashed, was doing stupidly high speeds and the driver attempted to take the left turn at that speed, causing it to understeer, veering off into the opposite lane with oncoming traffic, and then jumping over the footpath, crashing into a tree. What worsened the situation is the fact that the road was wet and slippery, as shown in the video.

Jeep Compass First Crash In India

There could also be a chance that the driver was in an inebriated state at the time of the accident, but all these are just assumptions at the moment. However what is very obvious is, how safe the Jeep Compass is. The pictures reveal that both front airbags which come as standard equipment have deployed. The build quality of the Jeep compass too seems to be good as, the front right wheel is intact, with nothing more than scratches, even after jumping onto the footpath, carrying so much speed.

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    Jeep Compass First Crash In India

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    The Jeep Compass was launched in the Indian market earlier this month, with prices starting at Rs 14.95 lakh and going all the way up to Rs 20.65 lakh. The SUV has garnered rave reviews and great response in our market, with Jeep receiving more than 8,100 bookings for the Compass in lesser than a month.

    The Compass' crash in Bangalore proves the reliability and safety of the Jeep Compass. Watch this space as we bring to you more details of the crash as it comes in.

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