Jamie Oliver's Bespoke Land Rover Discovery Is The Ultimate Kitchen On Wheels

By Dennis James

Chef Jamie Oliver is known around the world for his restaurants and his focus on healthy food for schoolgoing kids. The British cooking maestro went to Land Rover's Special Vehicles Operations (SVO) division with his vision of the perfect car for himself and his cooking and boy did the people at SVO have a task on their hands.

SVO went to work on the Discovery converting the five-seater SUV into the ultimate kitchen on wheels. Up front, the Land Rover badge on the grill gives way to an opening where Jamie Oliver can either hook up a pasta cutter or a rotisserie.

The wheels feature hubs which can be used to make either ice cream or butter. Underneath the bonnet is a slow cooker which sits just ahead of the engine, while at the rear on the sides the windows play host to a live herb garden on one side and a spice rack on the other.

Inside, the car's dash features a section which opens up and is used to store small jam bottles, while next to the gearbox sits an actual toaster. Underneath the armrest is a small fridge which can be used to keep small items like butter cool. And to ensure the chef stays alert all the time is a small professional coffee maker. Also present are multiple USB ports which can be used to power small vacuum cleaners to take care of any mess left behind after eating.

The boot of the Discovery slides out into a large kitchen countertop which has spaces for preparing food, two gas burners and a sink along with a whole host of storage spaces.

The bootlid plays host to dispensers for vinegar and olive oil which comes down on a hose, while the handle is made from a turn signal stalk. The salt & pepper shaker is inspired by the shifter dial with P(park) releasing pepper, S allowing the salt out, and N locking the shaker shut. Also present is a 40-inch TV for those who prefer to watch the telly instead of watching the action on the countertop.

Jamie Oliver's Bespoke Land Rover Discovery Is The Ultimate Kitchen On Wheels

DriveSpark Thinks!
Land Rover's SVO division allows the British SUV maker's customers to customise their cars into whatever hits their fancy and Chef Jamie Oliver's Discovery takes that idea to the absolute extreme. Whether or not it catches your fancy, you have to admit, Jamie Oliver's Discovery is the maddest kitchen on wheels.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 8, 2017, 10:30 [IST]

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