Improve Your Drive With These Must Have Six Apps

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The mobile phone have become part of lives and they indeed add value to our day to day lifestyle. Here are five apps which will enhance your drive.


One of the most required app on your phone is for navigation of the area, every city has grown bigger and new places have cropped up and you might find it difficult to reach the destination. The most popular app used now is the Google Maps, however, with India launching the 7th satellite for India GPS requirement, you can even opt for the 'NAVIC', which will be launched soon.

The navigation app not only provides turn by turn navigation, it suggests places like restaurants, fuel stations, coffee shops and places to visit.

Dash Cam

To add some excitement on your drive, you can record the entire or part of the drive and relive those moments later on. A memory can be saved and can be enjoyed with your family. Another use is the app is that you can use it as a camera for any unfortunate accident and can be used as a backup.

Apps like Autogard and CaroO are available in your Google Play Store, which has free and paid option.

Car Widget

This app or rather a widget makes it easier to access the phone features in the car. You can add up to 4 to 8 big shortcuts depending on the size. You have 5 skins to choose from for customising your widget. You can add apps, bookmark, contact, direct dial or message, navigation, music playlist and music controls.

The widget called Car Widget is available in the Google Play Store. You can also opt for Car Widget Pro, a paid version which helps automatically detects when you are inside your car and adjusts setting accordingly, this is recognised by connecting your power cable or headphones or the Bluetooth.

OBD (On Board Diagnostic)

This app lets you understand the diagnostics or monitor the what goes on in your car, this is enabled using your Bluetooth by connecting to the OBD port on your car and then it streams all the data to the screen of your car.

Torque Lite is a free app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or you can go for the Torque Pro which is a paid option.

So what does this app really provide you? It gives you engine performance like 0-60, 0-100 and quarter mile distance covered with time, most of all it lets you know if any of the equipment or any device which is not working as per requirement, this helps you understand your car a little better and avoid any large scale damages on your car.

Location Trackers

If you would like to know where your loved one's locations are or even keep a track of a person whom might be of importance, the Family Tracker helps you keep track of your family members or you can even go for the GPS tracker and helps you keep updated on the location of the person or the phone.

Cost Tracker

You will need this app to keep track of the expenses incurred in fueling your vehicle or maintenance charges that have been spent. It gives you an analysis of the spend and provides a graphical representation of the expenditure. It also provides the all-important mileage data of your car.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 5, 2016, 11:30 [IST]
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