Illustration: Custom Honda Brio Sketch Reveals Aftermarket Mod Ideas

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The Honda Brio has been around since 2011, and it's quite often you'll see the little car zipping around on our roads. While its looks are not the most loved, there's still a lot to like about Honda's small hatchback.

However, what we're on about here is the underrated small car being a perfect canvas for a custom project, or a sport version (Honda, are you listening?). It's a quick hatchback to begin with, and with some quality performance mods, can put several cars in higher segments to shame. That's exactly why the Brio is the car for a makeover, because the fastest car in its class deserves better looks to go with the shove.

New wheels, skirts, spoilers, grille and air dam are some changes to the stock Brio, in an effort to lend the car an image of a serious performer. What do you think? Do comment in the section below or send us pictures of your own customised Honda Brio.

We've always known the Brio to be extremely spacious inside for its size and well put together. But most importantly for the enthusiast, this is a quick small car, with an excellent power-to-weight ratio owing to its low 930 kg weight and healthy 87 bhp power output. We'd also rate it as one of the best driving small cars available in the market today.

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