High Speed Train Coaches For India; Does Your City Get It?

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One of the biggest train networks in the world has received high speed train coaches. Read on to find out the details and specs.

Talgo builds world's cutting edge high speed trains; has started to ship high speed coaches to India. They have arrived by cargo ship from Barcelona and are docked in Mumbai port.

Nine state-of-the-art train coaches built by Spanish firm Talgo which are for India can run at a maximum speed of 200kmph. They will be tested next month, these coaches are lighter and faster compared to the ones we see in India.

The first test runs will be conducted between Bareilly and Moradabad route at an initial speed of 115kmph, then it will be tested from Palwal and Mathura track line at an amazing speed of 180kmph.

The third run which will test its ultimate capability of 200kmph from Delhi to Mumbai line. Talgo train coaches can run easily at speeds of 160-200kmph on the existing Indian infrastructure and require no upgrade.

If everything goes according to plan and tests results are positive you can travel in 12hrs from Delhi to Mumbai which is 1200kms. Currently, it takes 17hrs to travel in the same stretch. Also, the coaches are nearly a crore lesser in cost compared to the existing coaches.

Apart from cutting down the travel time, these coaches consume 30 percent less energy and hence help the railways cut costs as well.

The Talgo train coaches have great accessibility with floor and platform level are same and not much width between the coach and the platform, this will make is easier to alight the coaches.

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