Gangnam Style Singer Psy Involved In A Car Crash & Leaves In Porsche

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"Gangnam Style" and the first thing that comes to one's mind is the famous song by Psy. Well, this time the Korean singer has made news not because of a new album, but because he met with an accident.

Psy, along with his his manager, and a Chinese employee were in a Rolls-Royce that managed to crash into a bus in China.

gangnam style singer meets with car crash

Although it is unclear where Psy was headed or where he was coming from, his car slammed into the back of a bus. One thing we know is that nobody was hurt.

The person driving the cherry red Rolls-Royce is also unknown.

After the accident, a Porsche picked up the singer and left the spot immediately. The Rolls-Royce however did take a beating. The front of the car was wrecked, although it can be repaired and the bus too took a bit of damage.

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