8,000hp Car Explodes During Drag Race

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Jack Bergman, a National Hot Rod Association(NHRA) funny car racing driver found himself driving a convertible after his engine exploded during a race and blew the fiberglass shell of his racing car off the race track.

Underneath the fiberglass shell of a car body sits a supercharged V8 engine that produces around 8,000hp and 9,500Nm of torque and drinks a deadly mix of nitromethane and methanol and can hit speeds of over 520km/h in just 305 metres (1,000 feet).

Unfortunately for Mr. Bergman, his car's lost the race due to its rather explosive ending. However, he walked away without a scratch, which was a miracle in itself as the same couldn't be said about his car.

A funny car is one of the craziest cars currently racing on any sort of track today and despite the name, funny car racing is also one of the most dangerous forms of racing in the world as the video above just proved.

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