Video: Expert’s Guide To How ‘NOT’ To Drive A Ford Mustang

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Helmet cams or action cams get a lot of footage, especially crashes and some dramatic manoeuvres. Here's one such video that involves a Ford Mustang, a biker, and a signal.

The incident took place in the UK when a biker approaches a traffic light and parks next to Ford Mustang. When the light changes, the biker takes off and approaches the next signal when the drama unfolds.

The biker stops at an intersection, and the Mustang speeds past, milliseconds before slamming into another vehicle turning right from the opposite side. As one would call it luck, a police car happened to be at that intersection and a doctor too.

The Mustang driver suffered injuries to his hand while the driver of the car he T-boned into, happened to an elderly person left in a state of shock. The result — one smashed Mustang, one injured driver, and loads of what not to do at a junction lesson.

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