Brand New Ford Mustang GT Crashes In Bangalore — Devastating Damage Caught On Camera

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Supercar crashes in India are on the rise and the latest wreck is a scene from Bangalore, involving a Ford Mustang GT, a KTM 390 Duke and a Datsun Go. The Mustang in question was a brand new vehicle, registered in Bangalore North (Yeshwantpur RTO).

As per what was captured, the Mustang crashed into a KTM Duke, pinning the motorcycle between the GT and a Datsun Go taxi. The incident immediately drew a huge crowd, who were naturally curious to see what had happened, especially since it involved a sports car. Incessant honking in the video is a result of that.

The accident took place at the Tiffany's circle junction near JW Mariott, Bangalore. Sources present at the location when the accident took place have revealed that the driver of the Mustang was revving the engine to show off the throaty exhaust note from the 5.0-litre V8 engine. When the signal turned green, the driver lost control and spun the car while accelerating, resulting in the crash.

The KTM Duke too seems to have sustained some serious damage, but the Datsun Go, at the most seems to have a dented front fender, door and a misaligned hood as a result of it.

Analysis - What could have happened

Bangalore received a lot of rainfall on the day the crash happened. The possibility is that one of the vehicles (in all probability, the Mustang) could have lost traction, leading to the crash. With more power comes more responsibility, and this power (395.5bhp) might just be the reason for this crash. However, at this point in time, this analysis is plain speculation.

Looking at the position of the vehicles involved, the Mustang looks out of place since the KTM and the Datsun are both pointing towards the same direction, and are both at the same point behind the white marking of the zebra crossing.

This makes us believe that they might have been waiting for a green signal when the Mustang crashed into them. This again is just speculation, and we will update our readers when we find the actual reason for the crash.

DriveSpark Thinks!

The Indian car buyer now has easy access to quite a few powerful cars. While this has improved the image of our automotive sector, it always adds the risk of accidents like this one. The Ford Mustang, with its enormous power and truckloads of torque, is coming to be known for its crashes at car meets in the U.S and in Europe and now in India, as this is not the first Mustang crash in India.

Conditions on most of India’s roads are not yet capable of handling cars of this calibre, and definitely not all Indians. There are quite a few supercars on our roads being driven both fast and responsibly, proving that, if you have more power, you can be more responsible as well.

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