Fiat Linea Sketch: How Elegant Is The Fiat Linea Elegante?

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The Fiat Linea Elegante limited edition was revealed recently, and frankly, we're not sure why it was named so. Because the beauty and flair of those classic Italian lines have been lost to what looks like your neighbourhood chop shop's latest weekend project.

fiat linea sketch limited edition

What you see above is our artist's impression of what we feel the facelifted, or even a limited edition version of the great looking original model whose design we've grown to love so much could have looked like. As you can see, we've retained most of the Linea's original lines, with the main alterations only to the fascia.

I've given it single slats to separate the upper and lower sections of the square-mesh grille and airdam, and have upsized the rims slightly, with a classic five-spoke design. The Linea has always been a beautiful car, so it was sad to see Fiat mess with the laces when the shoe fit just fine earlier.

In my humble opinion, the facelift of the Linea too, was not the most inspiring, and the latest version unfortunately goes down a road carmakers must dread, that is losing the good looks of the original with an update.

fiat linea elegante limited edition

We asked an owner of the original Fiat Linea, Ian Chacko, about what he felt about the newer model, and he too, agrees with us, more or less. He feels the facelifted version lost the ‘clear-cut' design of the original model, and made the car look a bit Maruti SX-4-ish. Interestingly though, he didn't think the Elegante was too bad, especially since he has been interested in side skirts for his Linea for some time. So as usual, one man's bread is another man's poison...

Decals, though? On a Linea? We won't even start. Or is that just us?

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