Delhi Supreme Court Lawyer's Audi Q7 Stolen And Is Yet To Be Found

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Vehicle theft is becoming increasingly common these days and the latest victim is a Supreme Court Lawyer from Delhi. The Audi Q7 owned by Venkatesh, a Supreme Court lawyer and son of former Additional Solicitor General of India, Vikas Singh was stolen on Sunday.

The incident occurred when Ravi, the driver of the Q7 was waiting outside a hotel to pick up Venkatesh who was having dinner. Ravi claims that when he saw Venkatesh's associates exiting the hotel, he wanted to take the Audi Q7 closer to the hotel to pick up Venkatesh.

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As he was about to enter the car, the miscreants attacked Ravi and forced him into the car while one person held Ravi at gunpoint and threatened to kill him. The thieves drove around the area and even beat up Ravi with the gun and later dumped him near West Delhi's Jwala Heri. The thieves took away Ravi's mobile phone as well.

The victim (Ravi) walked about a kilometer asking for help while nobody agreed. Later, two policemen on a motorcycle spotted Ravi and took him to the area where he was dumped and when they learnt that the particular area does not fall under their jurisdiction, the policemen dropped him off at the Mianwali Nagar police station.

From there, Ravi called up his employer (Venkatesh) and the police tried to track the car but had no luck. Ravi was later brought to the Kotla Mubarakpur police station where a case was registered and later to AIIMS Trauma Centre where he received stitches. The police are still looking for the car and are investigating the case.


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