BMW Owners Quarrel & Lash Out At Mercedes!

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Road rage is becoming a common sight all over the world. There are more and more angry people driving recklessly than ever before. There are various reasons for road rage nowadays.

In our video of the day we have two BMW owners from the United Kingdom. Who are seen quarrelling about some issue, which is unclear to us. They both reach a point where the argument almost reaches physical violence.

Several bystanders are trying to resolve the issue and want to get back to their routine. In a fit of rage the white BMW owner slams the throttle and sandwiches an individual between his car and a Mercedes, which is ruined from the side.

We were amazed that the police had not arrived earlier on the spot. They are somehow seen at the end of the video post the accident.

Video Of The Day: BMW Owners Quarrel & Lash Out At Mercedes!

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