Bangalore Doctor Crashes Mercedes-Benz Injuring 5 & Killing 1: Video

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Easter Sunday was quiet for many residents of Bangalore apart from people living in Jayanagar, as a doctor went on a rampage, crashing into 6 vehicles with his Mercedes-Benz, leaving 5 injured and one dead.

The doctor was driving his grey Mercedes-Benz C-Class (C220) from Lalbagh to Byrasandra when the incident took place around 2 pm in the afternoon. The doctor has been identified as NS Shankar, a 58-year old orthopaedic surgeon.

The incident left 5 injured and one dead, and the car finally came to a halt after it crashed into a house, before damaging other cars and a two-wheeler. The doctor was travelling with his maid and her two year old daughter, who escaped the horrific accident unharmed.

Police claim the doctor was in an inebriated state (let's not jump to a conclusion), but nothing has been confirmed yet as blood test results have not arrived. The maid claimed that the doctor had an epileptic fit which resulted in the horrific accident.

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