1,800bhp Lamborghini Sets Dual-Clutch Half-Mile Speed Record

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Drag racing is a popular sport around the world. Especially, for cars, it's a top-speed heaven. Now a Lamborghini has recorded an incredible top speed in less than a kilometre.

A Lamborghini Huracan has reached a top speed of 357km/h in a half-mile drag event in North Carolina. Underground Racing has tuned the supercar.

Under the bonnet of the Sant'Agata Bolognese missile is a V10 engine delivering 1,800bhp to the wheels. Previously a Lamborghini set a top speed record of 402km/h in a half-mile drag strip.

But there was a difference of 500bhp between the two cars. The 400km/h was achieved using a sequential gearbox. But this Huracan is equipped with a dual-clutch transmission. The clutch of the supercar has been upgraded, apart from that the rest of the car is in its stock form.

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The dragstrip races are famous around the globe. The tuners are pushing the limits to reach incredible speeds in such a short distance. There is no surprise if the 400km/h record is also broken.

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