Youngest Ever Ferrari Owner Is A 12 Year Old

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Sample this: A 10 year boy named Callum, who sounds like he is from the UK, created an application which he later sold to Google. The tech giant paid the kid a generous amount of 8.5 million (not clear if that's in dollars or pounds). The 10 year then went on to spend the money like any other kid. He bought a toy. Only, his choice of toy was a Ferrari supercar.

This was back in 2010. Now, Callum is 12 years old and has expanded his toy collection with the addition of two new Ferrari supercars - a 458 Italia and a 599GTO. The boy came to limelight when FGear.TV interviewed him and put up the video on YouTube. Fame has also raised suspicion whether this whole thing is a farce. This is evident when you read the comments on YouTube.

Many feel the whole story is fake due to a few shady but obvious facts observed by viewers. For instance, the name of the supposed app is never mentioned. At the same time, others rebuke naysayers, saying they are simply jealous to digest the fact that a 12 year old owns cars worth millions of dollars. You are entitled to your own opinion, which you can form after watching the two videos below.

12 Year Old Owns Three Ferraris

Callum when he was 10.

12 Year Old Owns Three Ferraris

The 2013 video where he is two years older.

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