How To Set Driver Seat Position Correctly — Advantages Of Correct Driving Position

While driving a car, one must always make sure that the driver's seat is positioned correctly and that one can drive with ease. Adjusting the seat correctly lets the driver have better control over the vehicle and causes less fatigue on longer drives.

Improper positioning of the seat puts one at higher risk of injury when the airbag goes off and it may hurt one's knee during the crash. One can find cars with different seat specifications. Some might have a full manual or electrical seat adjustments whereas; some will have the mixture of both.

Based on this, the driver has to set the seat position that does not strain their necks and hands. In the manual process of setting-up, one may have to slide the lever or rotate the dial located at the side of the seat. Using it, the seat can be moved forward or backwards until one finds a comfortable position.

How To Set The Correct Seating Position?

By setting the driver's seat position correctly, one can drive safely and comfortably. To do so, one has to test several factors to determine whether the seat is in the correct position or not. Read further to know more about it:

- First, check how straight your arms are while driving. For this, the driver must sit back in the seat and try to reach forward. If the heels of their hands can reach the top of the steering wheel without being uncomfortable or leaning forwards, then the seat is in the right position.

The arms will bend when you rotate the steering wheel at some positions. So, it is always recommended to perform this test beforehand. If one keeps their arms straight, it will result in less control over the steering wheel.

- Now, one must check for proper foot pedal reach. In this test, the driver must be able to press both the accelerator and clutch properly without having to move forwards or shift their position in the seat.

- It must be checked whether the driver's knee hits the steering wheel or steering column while the foot is above the brake pedal. It might happen because the brake pedal is placed slightly higher than the accelerator. If the knee touches, then it is advised to adjust the seat accordingly.

- One can also make some changes in the position of the steering wheel in such a way that it can be held comfortably without straining your hands. Some cars come with electric adjustment and some with manual adjustment of the steering wheel.

- The height of the seat must be adjusted based on the driver's height. The seat should not be heightened too much or too less as it may block the driver from viewing the rear window as well as the mirror.

- In manual cars, it must be checked whether the driver can reach the gearstick quickly. In an automatic gearbox driven car, the gearstick is not used frequently. So, if you have a manual car, you must adjust the seat positions correctly so that your elbow does not hit or hurt moving the gear stick forward and backwards.

- Now it is time to adjust the headrest. Some tend remove the headrest entirely as it bothers them while driving. But it is always recommended not to remove it since it helps you from injury during the time of accidents. It can be moved up and down based on the driver's comfort level by pushing the button located on the collar of one of the headrest.

- Next, one must check whether the driver is able to see all the gauges and dials properly. Improper positioning of the seat, as well as the steering wheel, might block the driver from viewing it. Hence, it has to be adjusted properly before starting the car.

- Finally, one must wear the seat belt and test whether everything is perfect once again. If everything seems right, and the car allows the function of saving the seat position, it should be done at this stage.

Advantages Of Setting Up The Car Seat Correctly

- One would not get tired very easily while driving. The more tired one gets, the higher the chances of accidents are. Hence setting the seat properly keeps the driver free from fatigue.

- Also, driving for longer periods in wrong seat position will strain your neck, hands, back, and even your shoulders. This can be avoided.

- Proper positioning of the seat as well as the steering wheel offers the best control on the vehicle. This way, in case of an emergency, one can adjust or move quickly without getting hurt.

- One can view blind spots efficiently as well as promptly without turning your head. If you place your seat more forward or backward than recommended, you may have to turn your head more unnecessarily.

- In case if your car crashes, if you position yourself correctly, the chances of getting hurt are lesser because.

Thoughts On Setting The Correct Seating Position

Getting the right pricing position is absolutely essential not just for the driver to enjoy the drive, but also to stay safe and have control over the vehicle. It might at first seem like a small factor that can be ignored, but once one drives in the proper seating position, the difference will be known.

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Article Published On: Thursday, September 13, 2018, 20:00 [IST]
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