Best Tips To Effectively Use AC In Your Car

During the summer season or on a hot day, the air conditioning (AC) in your car might not be enough to give you relief. Car manufacturers are providing the best of technology like automatic AC or Climate Control, but sometimes it just does not work. Here are some of the best tips to use the AC effectively.

Best Tips To Effectively Use AC In Your Car

1. Partially Open Window

On a hot day, the cabin is bound to be hot since there is no circulation of air. Leave the car window slightly down to the reduce the hot air. The AC system works by removing the hot air, so if you reduce the hot air by letting out hot air through the slightly opened window, this will only help the AC work effectively.

Best Tips To Effectively Use AC In Your Car

2. Recirculation Mode

When you start your car, turn off the recirculation mode which will let the hot air escape through the ventilation. Once the air is much cooler, turn it back to recirculation mode which will circulate only the cooler air trapped inside the cabin, again the AC works efficiently with this procedure.

Best Tips To Effectively Use AC In Your Car

3. Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the car and AC will indeed keep the AC system working in good condition. Check the compressor if you find any difference in the performance of the AC system.

Get the AC checked with your authorised service centre before the summer season, this will keep the AC running in optimum condition and will not exert too much pressure during hot days if the AC is not in good condition.

Best Tips To Effectively Use AC In Your Car

4. Low Speed On Auto AC

If your car is featured with an auto AC or climate control, start the AC at the lowest speed, this will be the quickest way to decrease the temperature inside the car. You can later adjust it according to the occupant's requirement.

Best Tips To Effectively Use AC In Your Car

5. High Speed At The Start

If your car has been out in the sun or parked for a long time under the sun, it is inevitable that the cabin will be humid. Open the window fully, blast the manual AC at the highest speed and drive for some kilometers before you feel there is cool air flowing through the AC vents.

Once the AC system is blowing cool air, you can then close the windows and turn on the recirculation mode. This will ensure the effectiveness of the AC system and avoid pressure on the system.

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Article Published On: Saturday, September 3, 2016, 11:54 [IST]
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