Crash Test Of New Vehicles To Be Made Compulsory From October 2017

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Recently Indian automobile industry has faced a lot of criticism due to their vehicles being crash tested by Global NCAP. It was noticed that all the base models of various manufacturers failed impact tests. The Indian government has decided to make road safety a priority and not a luxury.

It has been decided that all new automobiles will have to pass crash tests prior to being launched. All vehicles that will be launched post October, 2017 will have to pass a series of tests, which will be compulsory.

The government has also set a deadline for vehicles that ply on the road currently as well. Existing vehicles will also have to pass a series of crash tests and the deadline for them is October, 2019.

Nitin Gadkari, Road Transport Minister has explained that they will not tell a manufacturer what to add or not. They are expecting minimum safety features even in the smallest of vehicles that are used on Indian roads.

Automobiles will undergo a front on collision at speeds of 56 km/h. The vehicles will also have to face a side impact test at speeds of 50 km/h. These will tests will be on par to international standards and will prove basic structural strength of a vehicle.

The department of road transport will be setting up a new facility, where they will run their tests. This facility is promised to be ready by 2015 end and vehicles will be regularly tested to prove their safety value. The use of ABS, seat belts and airbags add safety and price to a vehicle, however, human life cannot be compromised and basic safety will be a must.

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