Tata Motors Sales Report (November 2022) - PV Sales Rise By 27 Per Cent

Tata Motors has revealed its sales numbers for November 2022. Tata sold a total of 73,467 vehicles last month (including commercial vehicles) which was a growth of 27 per cent over November 2021's 58,073 units.

While its PV division saw its Y-o-Y numbers rise by 54.6 per cent, commercial vehicle sales numbers dipped by 10 per cent compared to November 2021.

Tata sold a total of 46,037 passenger vehicles (cars and SUVs) in India last month. Tata's passenger vehicle division grew by 16,259 units or 54.6 per cent compared to November 2021 when the carmaker sold only 29,778 units. Tata's PV numbers also grew slightly in terms of Month-over-Month metrics rising by 820 units or 1.81 per cent compared to October 2022 when it sold 45,217 vehicles.

Tata Motors also exported 388 passenger vehicles in the month of November. This was was a growth of 129.58 per cent or 219 units compared to the same period last year when it exported just 169 units. Export numbers were also in the black in M-o-M metrics rising by 182 units or 88.34 per cent compared to October 2022 when 206 units were exported out of the country.

Tata Motors is also the nation's largest passenger EV manufacturer and in November the carmaker shipped out a total of 4,277 EVs last month. While Y-o-Y sales were up by 2,567 units or 154.63 per cent compared to November 2021's 1,660 units. However, M-o-M sales were down by 174 units or 3.9 per cent compared to October 2022's 4,451 units.

Commercial vehicle sales of Tata Motors were down by around 10 per cent as the automaker sold 29,053 CV units (including exports) last month compared to 32,245 units sold over the same period in November.

Tata sold 27,430 CVs domestically last month which was down by just over 3 per cent (865 units) compared to the 28,295 units sold in November 2021. Sales of intermediate and light commercial vehicles and those of PSC Cargo and Pickups were down by 32 and 17 per cent respectively.

CV exports dropped by nearly 59 per cent dropping by 2,327 units compared to October 2021 when Tata shipped 3,950 CVs out of the country.

Thoughts About Tata's Sales Numbers

Tata's passenger vehicle division continues to grow every month as it continued to rank 3rd overall in the country behind Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai. While the CV division may have dipped slightly this month, we expect Tata to bounce back quickly on the backs of a slew of new commercial vehicles it has launched over the past 2 to 3 months.

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Article Published On: Thursday, December 1, 2022, 20:40 [IST]
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