Auto Industry Offers To Manufacture Ventilators And Medical Equipment Amid Covid-19: Mahindra, VW

In addition to the government and health authorities, auto manufacturers are stepping up to help with production of hospital ventilators and other medical equipment needed to contain and cure Covid-19.

Auto Industry Offers To Manufacture Ventilators And Medical Equipment Amid Covid-19: Mahindra, VW

Mr Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of the Mahindra Group said that the group was working researching how manufacturing facilities can be used to manufacture ventilators that are needed to fight the fast-spreading disease. Mr Mahindra also offered to convert all the company's resort properties into temporary care facilities.

The Chairman also said that group's Projects Teams are prepared to help build a temporary facilities that the government or the Armed Forces needed.

Mr Mahindra also pledged 100 per cent of his paycheck towards creating a fund to support b businesses in the company's value chain and requested other verticals in the group to create a similar support system in their Eco-systems.

In related news, German auto giant, Volkswagen, announced that is was researching using 3D printing to manufacture ventilators needed to treat Covid-19. Governments from across the world have reached out to Volkswagen, Ford, General Motors, Ferrari, and Nissan to help manufacture ventilators and other medical equipment that is a requirement.

Volkswagen said it has begun developing and testing material, and has checking its supply chains to understand how it can use 3D printing to manufacture the equipment.

The company says that medical equipment is a new space for them, but added that once they understood requirements and received a blueprint, they would start production. VW also said that a prototype has been printed but their research and development department that included Skoda.

Auto Industry Offers To Manufacture Ventilators And Medical Equipment Amid Covid-19: Mahindra, VW

A spokesperson for the Wolfsburg company said that Volkswagen has 125 industrial 3D printers, and is in close contact with governments and other authorities to understand current needs.

The company's sports car brand, Porsche said they were researching how they could help with relief efforts. Mr Oliver Blume, the Chief Executive Officer said, "We are collecting ideas about what we could do in terms of humanitarian help."

German auto manufacturer, BMW, said that it was possible to manufacturer hospital equipment using 3D printing, and that it was ready to help when needed.

Sweden based car maker, Volvo, urged governments across the globe to take the Covid-19 crisis seriously and to limit movements. The company feels that drastic measures will help contain and eradicate the disease, and that all governments across the globe need to synchronize curfews and efforts.

Thoughts About Auto Manufactures Offering To Manufacture Ventilators And Other Medical Equipment

This is good for everyone. Manufacturing facilities will operate meaning some or most will still have work, and the economy could be lesser burdened. We are thankful to Mahindra, Volkswagen, and other manufacturers for doing this. And we agree with the Swede.

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Article Published On: Monday, March 23, 2020, 14:09 [IST]
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