Study: Recharging Tesla Truck Will Require Massive Energy

Tesla revealed the 'Semi' electric truck earlier this month, promising 400 miles (644km) of charge in just 30 minutes through a new "mega charger" to be manufactured by the company.

Study: Tesla Truck Needs 4,000 Homes To Recharge

In a report published by, one of Europe's leading energy consultancies has predicted that Tesla's electric haulage truck will need the same energy is equivalent to power 4,000 homes.

John Feddersen, chief executive of Aurora Energy Research, said the energy required for the mega charger to charge a battery in that amount of time would be 1,600 kilowatts.

Study: Tesla Truck Needs 4,000 Homes To Recharge

The amount of energy required to recharge the Tesla truck translates to powering 3,000-4,000 "average" houses, Fedderson added.

Study: Tesla Truck Needs 4,000 Homes To Recharge

While Tesla has installed superchargers for its electric cars, the scope of megachargers by Tesla for haulage trucks is still quite challenging. Tesla has not revealed when it will start offering the network of megachargers despite confirming that the Tesla Semi will be rolled out from 2019.

Study: Tesla Truck Needs 4,000 Homes To Recharge

DriveSpark Thinks!

The numbers are indeed mind-boggling, but Tesla has surprised us with its technological advancements in electric vehicle development, and we expect the electric vehicle manufacturer to offer the best for its customers.

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Article Published On: Tuesday, November 28, 2017, 20:30 [IST]
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