Lyft's Self-Driving Cars Will Be Run On Clean Energy

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American ride-hailing company, Lyft has already stated that the majority of its fleet will be replaced with self-driving cars by 2021. Now the company wants to go green.

Now, Lyft has set a goal for itself that 100 percent renewable energy will power all the electric self-driving cars. Earlier, the company also announced that it has partnered with NuTonomy to deploy autonomous vehicles.

A spokesperson from Lyft stated that the company will purchase renewable energy certificates to mitigate any emissions from its electric self-driving cars. Lyft also predicts that, by 2025, it will offer 1 billion rides using electric autonomous vehicles.

But not all vehicles will be electric says Lyft. The spokesperson said, "Possible we may test a variety of prototype vehicle types in the future during the developmental phases of this technology."

Lyft further strengthened its go green approach by hiring Paul Hawken, Executive Director of Project Drawdown as its climate advisor.

Source: TheVerge

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With the world's leading ride-hailing companies developing the self-driving technology. It is a welcome move that Lyft is trying to make use of renewable source of energy. Although the electric cars produce zero emission, the energy they use is non-renewable.

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Story first published: Friday, June 16, 2017, 12:01 [IST]
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